Recover your Seagate 1 tb Hard disk @rs.10000/(approx.) condition apply

we can recover unrecognized Segate, western digital or any brand of hard disk

We can recover wd formatted hard disk

All brands SSD data recovery

all type of ssd can recovered by us Kingston, wd green blue, Samsung, etc


Fast recovery even on sunday and holiday

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a few words about us

No matter what type of hard disk you have, we’ll perform an initial diagnostic . After the evaluation of your media and determining what steps are necessary to complete your hard drive recovery, we will contact you with an all-inclusive quote. No work will be done without your approval. As soon as you approve the recovery, our engineers will continue with the recovery effort.

Data recovery from damaged hard drives is a complex process that usually takes time and needs resources to complete it successfully. We partner with HDD manufacturers to improve our data recovery capabilities. Generally speaking, our specialists need to “repair” a hard drive and make it stable first to be able to retrieve any data from it. Therefore, hard drive recovery involves replacing failed components such as read/write head assemblies, logic control components, or drive motors in a clean room environment.